Who we are

A unique Medical School Alumni, from Abia State University, Nigeria.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Abia State University Medical Alumni Association (AMAA), is to strengthen the mutual relationships among the alumni members, Abia State University Medical School and Teaching Hospital; and to encourage all stakeholders’ participation in the ongoing development of the Medical School and Hospital.


Vision Statement:

The Abia State University Medical Alumni Association (AMAA), will aspire to be the primary provider of the lifelong Abia State University Medical School experience, by connecting alumni, students, faculty  and staff of the School of Medicine and the local communities.


What We Hope to Accomplish

Our Goals

  • To  commit to building one of the best, highly engaged and vibrant medical school alumni association in Nigeria, for the benefit and welfare of the alumni members, ABSU Medical School, Teaching Hospital  and local as well global communities.
  • To commit to the growth of ABSU Medical School and Teaching Hospital into a nationally recognized leader in the field of Medicine.
  • To promote the cultivation of leadership for the Board, Committees, Clubs, and other University-wide entities.
  • To promote a strong collaboration with Academic Stakeholders to develop novel Continuing Professional Development programs and medical school programs.
  • To support the development of state-of the-art medical research programs and Institutes;
  • To create various alumni supportive and collaborative working groups, both nationally and internationally.
  • To make use of optimal technology to creatively support the Lifelong Online Communities and Services.
  • To enrich the lives of alumni members through AMAA Lifetime Achievement Awards, Student Awards, Club activities, lifelong online alumni services and Alumni News, Publications and Events worldwide.
  • To secure funds, through fundraising, in support of the various Alumni’s local and global health projects and initiatives.

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